Titan Platform

Titan® is a multifaceted and market-proven iGaming platform built to support the needs of the most demanding and successful operators. The key components of Titan come together to build a scalable, flexible and powerful solution for operators.

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Titan® CORE is the heart of the platform.  It integrates all the modules of the system including; Front End, Payments, Games, Hardware Hosting and the Back Office. 

CORE also performs the main operational functions for the site including;  Responsible Gaming, AML, Risk and Fraud, Campaigns, Loyalty, Player Registration, Account Management and other features.

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Front End

The Frontend application is based on ReactJS, MobX and MaterialUI libraries on the client-side and runs on NodeJS on the server.  Operators can provide their own Frontend or choose from Finnplay's customisable templates.

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Back Office

The Back Office interface is used to operate and monitor the iGaming business. In the Back Office, users can set all the parameters for the gaming site including:

Dashboards Help Desk Campaigns
Tournaments Player Segmentation Blacklists
Agent managment Payments Game transactions
Risk & Fraud / Alarms Reports CMS
Configuration Administration Exclusion
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The technology is built on top of a MySQL server. In the redundant setup, a MySQL Master-Slave setup is used. MySQL Master-Slave setup requires two database instances running on different servers.

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The platform has ready implementation APIs for the majority of the leading 3rd Party game providers. The platform is extremely flexible to integrate any 3rd party content. All providers and games are working under a single wallet-API so the use of games is fast and easy.

100+ Game Providers!
Game providers 20212

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The Titan® platform interfaces with external Payment Service Providers via a well-defined API. The role of a Payment Service Provider is to manage all connections to financial institutions such as banks, credit card companies and clearinghouses.

80+ Payment Providers!
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Third Party Services

Titan® has ready-integrations with dozens of leading providers of third party services, including; SMS providers, marketing tools, AML / KYC, Risk and Fraud Services, Exclusion lists and Affiliate programs.

Third party providers 20213


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Engagement Manager

The Engagement Manager is an optional tool built to help optimise return on investment by combining smart player segmentation with campaign automation and real-time analytics. With this tool, iGaming operators can create custom player groups, segmented by behaviour and deliver automated and timely messages, campaigns and bonuses over API.

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Titan® is loaded with cutting-edge features and designed for maximum flexibility, compliancy and customisability.

Open Platform

Titan® is an open platform, meaning it is designed to integrate any and all the major games, payment processors and software providers.  Finnplay is not affiliated with any specific supplier so our operators can choose from among all the top providers in the industry. Also, we are constantly adding new integrations at our partners' request.


Responsible Gaming

Finnplay is a leader in Responsible Gaming technology.  Titan® has integrated RG tools that detect problem gamblers, enable limit setting and self-exclusion, then activate the required procedures.  The RG features also work across multiple brands.


Custom Development

Finnplay offers customer-driven development and features.  Our motto is "Strong Enough to Bend", meaning our technology is both solid and flexible.  We understand that every operator has their own needs, and our team is dedicated to supporting Agile Development with fast, market-driven improvements.


Campaigns and Loyalty

Extensive selection of campaigns award player activity with rebate, cashback, free spins or promo. Integrated loyalty program with customisable tiers and awards.



Boost engagement by gamifying your site with Tournaments. Players compete for extra bonuses and rewards with on-site leaderboard just for playing selected games.  This feature works across multiple providers and titles.


Business Intelligence

Using Finnplay's powerful Back Office, operators can generate insightful reports and real time data to better understand and maximize the site performance. Reports cover all major aspects of the iGaming business including player activities, payments, game transactions, affiliation and much more.


Player Account Management

Record and segment players details and profiles. Offer seamless wallets with real money, bonus money, virtual money and free spins.


Rest API

Interface your front end easily via RestAPI or use our fully responsive technology.



Titan® can offer hosting in ISO 27001 certified facilities.  The Titan® platform is licensed, recognised or compliant with several jurisdictions including UK, Malta, Madagascar, Cameroon, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Mexico and Estonia.




"A very solid platform allowing us flexibility to be unique and local. This, together with a strong and agile team, makes Finnplay a great partner." -Mika Vasara, COO Play North OU


“Given Finnplay's outstanding technical expertise, and their understanding of the Hungarian market, they are the perfect partner for us.” - Samuel Falconello Jr


“This one is easy, it’s simply the best option in the market since it’s a company with ethics, sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, if we add that it’s avant-garde and is constantly updating under the best worldwide quality norms and standards, We think it’s not rocket science to choose it”. - Roberto J. Müller I, CFO


"We have realized that we‘ve made the right choice choosing Finnplay as our platform partner starting from day 1 of our cooperation. Team, Dedication, Processes and result orientation has been a perfect match for our expectations.“ Justinas Šliažas, CEO

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