Authorities in regulated markets are increasingly requiring access to real-time transactional data and dedicated reporting from iGaming operators.  Many markets have published requirements for such a tool, including;

  • Spain (Internal Control System ICS / Vault)
  • Denmark (SAFE)
  • The Netherlands (Control Database)

FinnSafe is a versatile solution built to enable compliancy in markets like these by allowing regulators access to real-time data from a secure, dedicated server with a bespoke reporting tool.   FinnSafe transmits all critical data such as registrations, game and payment transactions to a dedicated server running in parallel to the primary host server.  The parameters for the data and reporting can be tailored to meet the requirements in each specific market.

Finnplay has delivered this important compliance reporting tool for the Dutch market  so far - and it is approved and operational with three licensed operators in The Netherlands.

Protect your data, improve your reporting and ensure your compliancy with FinnSafe.

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FinnSafe diagram - improved 2022-01