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What to expect at ICE from Finnplay

It’s hard to believe that ICE is but a heartbeat away. Time in the iGaming industry appears to go at warp speed as it feels like only yesterday that the Finnplay team exhibited at the industry’s marquee show.

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Welcome to our blog

A warm welcome to all our friends, business partners, and fellow iGaming colleagues within the industry from myself as founder and CEO of Finnplay. This is our first introductory blog of which to set the scene of what's happening at Finnplay and the broader iGaming industry, over the coming months. We hope to offer useful and practical insights on the latest hot topics affecting our sector, but with good-old-fashioned no-nonsense Finnish style. After all, our mantra is 'strong enough to bend,' and as we all know, in the iGaming industry if you don't bend with the headwinds, well you know what shall happen, I'm sure.

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